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Two daffodils flowering – time-lapse photography

Posted by wildwatertv on March 11, 2011

This is my first attempt to embed a video on the blog. Stops it being stills only. These are two daffodil buds from my garden, filmed in time lapse using a Nikon D1x over a period of four days. Grow lights are used to fool the flowers into thinking they are growing in daylight. For some plants, the day-night cycle is very important. Luckily Narcissi will flower well under artificial light. Bowens flash were used to illuminate the exposures.


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Microscopy as art

Posted by wildwatertv on August 20, 2010

A friend of mine, Julian Barton, suggested that microscopy could be used to produce artistic as well as scientific images.  Sort of landscapes within the miniature world.  There is a good history of this, with Spike Walker being represented by the Wellcome Institute at an exhibition recently of his electron micrographs.  This is my first attempt.  Greenbottles (Lucilla Caesar) have an amazing irridescent quality when you see them, and it is just about possible to reproduce this photographically.  These two pics are of the abdomen and thorax of a greenbottle.  I think I like the first one best, due to its cartoon like quality, but comments are appreciated.  Julian, I hope this is what you meant.  Taken through a light microscope using a Nikon 10xDIC objective with reflected flash light.

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Greenfly giving birth

Posted by wildwatertv on June 15, 2010

Now this is a touching and tender scene for anyone who isn’t a gardener.  It’s a greenfly giving birth to one of many daughters on a rosebud. Within ten minutes there were several of these little beasts running around their mother.  She, meanwhile, just sat there eating throughout.  Taken using a zeiss luminar 25mm lens with the usual flash arrangement which picks up the colours being diffracted by the wings.  When I last looked, mother and daughter were doing well….

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More eyes

Posted by wildwatertv on June 3, 2010

Sometimes you take a picture which makes you want to throw everything else you’ve ever done away and just simply admire the majesty of nature.  I’ve posted a blow-up of the central portion of this picture to show the perfection that exists on such a small scale.  Taken through a light microscope using a Nikon DI 10x objective and using a stack of fifty images, this is a different sort of hoverfly to the one below.  This one is called Eupeodes corollae.  One of the most common flies in the garden this time of year.  Wonderful creature!

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Dandelions blowing in the wind

Posted by wildwatertv on November 25, 2009

High speed dandelion seeds.  It took over 200 separate dandelion heads to produce about ten usable photographs.  The way the seeds leave the head is at best unpredictable.  Photo taken using an infra-red trigger and flash at about 1/50,000 second to freeze the seeds in the air.  Nikon D300, Micro-Nikkor 105/4.

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David Haye

Posted by wildwatertv on November 4, 2009


Three days before his fight I just wanted to wish David the best of luck (not that he’ll need it).  We spent a fantastic few days filming with David and Adam Booth in Northern Cyprus at the end of last year.  Having spent many long hours working in the ring with him and seeing just how fit and fast he is, even in temperatures up to 45 degrees I fear for anyone who takes him on.  He was born to be World Heavyweight Champion, and one day soon he will be!  On our last day he took us up into the mountains where he likes to run and this is one of many photographs taken up there.  As well as being enormously talented, he is one of the most likeable people I’ve ever met. This picture also serves to prove I sometimes put ordinary lenses on my Nikon too.  UPDATE!  Congratulations David.  great Work!  David is now WBA World Champion!

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Jumping Spider 2

Posted by wildwatertv on September 30, 2009


Thought I’d post another angle of this lovely beast.  Here you can see that it, like most parents, has eyes in the back of its head.  Looks more like a fighter bomber than an animal at all.

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Posted by wildwatertv on July 30, 2009

I just published an article about how to make a simple macroscope for Danylo at Helicon Focus.  Read it here.

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Welcome to the Wildwater TV Blog

Posted by wildwatertv on July 27, 2009

This is a new blog for previewing and reviewing what we are doing at the moment. Welcome.  Please return for regular updates of images and video.
click here for contact details

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