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Two daffodils flowering – time-lapse photography

Posted by wildwatertv on March 11, 2011

This is my first attempt to embed a video on the blog. Stops it being stills only. These are two daffodil buds from my garden, filmed in time lapse using a Nikon D1x over a period of four days. Grow lights are used to fool the flowers into thinking they are growing in daylight. For some plants, the day-night cycle is very important. Luckily Narcissi will flower well under artificial light. Bowens flash were used to illuminate the exposures.


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Greenfly giving birth

Posted by wildwatertv on June 15, 2010

Now this is a touching and tender scene for anyone who isn’t a gardener.  It’s a greenfly giving birth to one of many daughters on a rosebud. Within ten minutes there were several of these little beasts running around their mother.  She, meanwhile, just sat there eating throughout.  Taken using a zeiss luminar 25mm lens with the usual flash arrangement which picks up the colours being diffracted by the wings.  When I last looked, mother and daughter were doing well….

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Female flower bee in flight

Posted by wildwatertv on April 29, 2010

This is another hairy footed flower bee (Anthophora plumipes).  There are lots around at the moment, but they disappear by the end of May.  This high speed photograph shows the opening of the sheath around the long tongue as the bee approaches a pulmonaria flower.   This sheath gets folded back as the bee feeds and then it snaps shut again before moving on to the next flower.  The male is shown in an earlier post, but this is the female, with pollen baskets on her hind legs.  Many of these are living in holes in the wall of our cottage.

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Bees have hairy eyes

Posted by wildwatertv on October 14, 2009



It’s clear that when you look at a bee that it’s a hairy sort of animal, but close up photography reveals a strange fact.  The eyes are covered with hairs too.  This might be to protect them from pollen, or for some other purpose.  These two specimens were feeding on ivy flowers, which produce a sort of sticky substance insects find irresistible.

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Posted by wildwatertv on September 3, 2009



This strange world is pollen on the stamens of a rock rose flower.  It’s possible to almost feel the sticky nature of the individual grains.  Each cell of the stamen is also visible.  Photographed through a microscope using a Zeiss 10x planachromatic objective.

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