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Two daffodils flowering – time-lapse photography

Posted by wildwatertv on March 11, 2011

This is my first attempt to embed a video on the blog. Stops it being stills only. These are two daffodil buds from my garden, filmed in time lapse using a Nikon D1x over a period of four days. Grow lights are used to fool the flowers into thinking they are growing in daylight. For some plants, the day-night cycle is very important. Luckily Narcissi will flower well under artificial light. Bowens flash were used to illuminate the exposures.


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Posted by wildwatertv on September 3, 2009



This strange world is pollen on the stamens of a rock rose flower.  It’s possible to almost feel the sticky nature of the individual grains.  Each cell of the stamen is also visible.  Photographed through a microscope using a Zeiss 10x planachromatic objective.

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