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Greenfly giving birth

Posted by wildwatertv on June 15, 2010

Now this is a touching and tender scene for anyone who isn’t a gardener.  It’s a greenfly giving birth to one of many daughters on a rosebud. Within ten minutes there were several of these little beasts running around their mother.  She, meanwhile, just sat there eating throughout.  Taken using a zeiss luminar 25mm lens with the usual flash arrangement which picks up the colours being diffracted by the wings.  When I last looked, mother and daughter were doing well….


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Beautiful eyes

Posted by wildwatertv on September 25, 2009



If there was ever an insect beauty competition, this animal would probably win it.  It’s a lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea). The green lacewing is a common predator of aphids, so is considered a friend to gardeners, but what is most remarkable are the eyes.  They seem to be made from some kind of iridescent metal, but they are just the usual compound types.  The sheer perfection of these eyes is fascinating.  Taken through a microscope using polarized light.

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Ant milking Aphids

Posted by wildwatertv on July 27, 2009


Garden ant milking black aphids

Garden ant milking black aphids



 Here you can see the fluid the ant is extracting from the tail of the aphid

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