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Wicker Man Oxford

Posted by wildwatertv on March 11, 2011

One week left for the wicker man entries to be completed and returned. This is the first of a series of films about the 2011 project.

visit http://wickermanoxford.co.uk/ for more information


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Two daffodils flowering – time-lapse photography

Posted by wildwatertv on March 11, 2011

This is my first attempt to embed a video on the blog. Stops it being stills only. These are two daffodil buds from my garden, filmed in time lapse using a Nikon D1x over a period of four days. Grow lights are used to fool the flowers into thinking they are growing in daylight. For some plants, the day-night cycle is very important. Luckily Narcissi will flower well under artificial light. Bowens flash were used to illuminate the exposures.

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The burning of the Wicker Man in Oxford

Posted by wildwatertv on November 8, 2010

This amazing creation is by Dan Barton, an Oxfordshire artist.  It’s a wicker man, burnt at the Oxford round table fireworks display in Headington.  For more information about this venture go to http://wickermanoxford.co.uk/

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Oxford Folk Festival

Posted by wildwatertv on April 20, 2010

It was the Oxford Folk festival this weekend.  A fantastic opportunity for photographers to shoot some of the colour and strangeness that events like this always produce.  This character is from a rogue morris side.  The weather was fantastic for once…

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crystalline rocks

Posted by wildwatertv on March 10, 2010

This is a weird sort of image, made possible by the art of a stonecutter.  It’s a rose quartz section, about 2mm thick, photographed by shining light through it.  What is produced is a sort of graphic crystalline magic.  This technique also creates an interesting three dimensional effect, due to the varying translucency of the rock section.  Not through a microscope, but 1;1 magnification with a Nikon Micro lens.

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Vinyl record

Posted by wildwatertv on December 16, 2009

This is a photograph showing how the sound is made on a vinyl record.  The needle is made to vibrate as it runs along the grooves.  The more wobbly the line, the higher the pitch of the sound.  It was a great system, and vinyl is still favoured by many for the distinct tone it gives. This portion of the record is about 1mm long, so a split second of sound is all that is shown here.  Thanks to Thor Haugen for the idea (and the record).  It’s a pointer sisters track, by the way, I wonder which bit?

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The Moon

Posted by wildwatertv on December 4, 2009

This is the moon over Oxfordshire on the 3rd December 2009.  Nearly full, but because it’s not you can see the details of the craters and impact marks all over it.  It’s really taken a beating over the years, but it’s still there, and worth taking a closer look at.  There’s ice on there.  If you look closely you can probably see it…

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David Haye

Posted by wildwatertv on November 4, 2009


Three days before his fight I just wanted to wish David the best of luck (not that he’ll need it).  We spent a fantastic few days filming with David and Adam Booth in Northern Cyprus at the end of last year.  Having spent many long hours working in the ring with him and seeing just how fit and fast he is, even in temperatures up to 45 degrees I fear for anyone who takes him on.  He was born to be World Heavyweight Champion, and one day soon he will be!  On our last day he took us up into the mountains where he likes to run and this is one of many photographs taken up there.  As well as being enormously talented, he is one of the most likeable people I’ve ever met. This picture also serves to prove I sometimes put ordinary lenses on my Nikon too.  UPDATE!  Congratulations David.  great Work!  David is now WBA World Champion!

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An Eye

Posted by wildwatertv on September 7, 2009

Emma's eye

This might seem an odd image to choose, but I love the simplicity of it.  It’s Emma’s eye, and although the vast majority of the image is out of focus it does convey a wonderful sense of anticipation….

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A couple of spiders..

Posted by wildwatertv on September 7, 2009

meta segment1

This spider is called Meta segmentata. They are very common this time of year, and if you look under leaves by an orb web you will often see them devouring something.  In this case it’s a fly.  Spiders digest prey by first wrapping them in silk and then injecting them with enzymes.  the resulting meal is more of a soup than a meat dish.


And this one is called Araneus Diadematus.  As with the meta they are very common in the autumn and can get to quite a size.  This one is female and still fairly small.  You can see that all spiders have eight eyes, though in some, such as the Lycosids (wolf spiders) two are far more pronounced than the rest.

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