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Dandelions blowing in the wind

Posted by wildwatertv on November 25, 2009

High speed dandelion seeds.  It took over 200 separate dandelion heads to produce about ten usable photographs.  The way the seeds leave the head is at best unpredictable.  Photo taken using an infra-red trigger and flash at about 1/50,000 second to freeze the seeds in the air.  Nikon D300, Micro-Nikkor 105/4.


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Compound Eyes 3

Posted by wildwatertv on November 18, 2009

This is the closest I’ve got so far to anything.  Taken through a Swift Microscope with a Swift 10x objective and Nikon 2.5x Photo eyepiece, this is the same eye as in the post below but this time it’s plain that the structure of a wasp’s eye is made up of hexagonal elements.  the hexagons are not perfect, but the shape of the eye determines the shape they can be at any one point.  Lighting was achieved by the use of a tracing paper diffuser held around the objective with a rubber band and encircling the head of the wasp.  I’ve finally nearly got rid of chromatic aberrations at this magnification.

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Compound eyes 2

Posted by wildwatertv on November 9, 2009


This is the eye of a wasp.  Unlike bees they have clean compound eyes, very highly developed.  The structure is a honeycomb of hexagonal elements, which combine to form a rudimentary image.  They eyes cannot focus like human eyes, but they can see in most directions at the same time, which gives the insect a clear warning when anything approaches. Taken through a Swift Microscope with a 4x objective.

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David Haye

Posted by wildwatertv on November 4, 2009


Three days before his fight I just wanted to wish David the best of luck (not that he’ll need it).  We spent a fantastic few days filming with David and Adam Booth in Northern Cyprus at the end of last year.  Having spent many long hours working in the ring with him and seeing just how fit and fast he is, even in temperatures up to 45 degrees I fear for anyone who takes him on.  He was born to be World Heavyweight Champion, and one day soon he will be!  On our last day he took us up into the mountains where he likes to run and this is one of many photographs taken up there.  As well as being enormously talented, he is one of the most likeable people I’ve ever met. This picture also serves to prove I sometimes put ordinary lenses on my Nikon too.  UPDATE!  Congratulations David.  great Work!  David is now WBA World Champion!

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Lyniphid spider in web

Posted by wildwatertv on November 3, 2009


This is a Lyniphid spider.  They are often called money spiders and live under a sort of carpet of web rather than on a classic orb.  It looks upside down because it is, almost permanently.  Those huge jaws grab the prey from below when it falls onto the web carpet.  there are many different species of Lyniphia, so this is a difficult one to identify clearly.  They are all small and fast.  Photographed using flash at about 6x magnification with a Nikon D300 and Zeiss Luminar.  All spiders are miracles of evolution and each is perfectly adapted to its own style of hunting.  The eyes in this genus are not well developed because they use the vibrations in the web to locate their prey.

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