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Compound eyes part one

Posted by wildwatertv on September 17, 2009

flyhorse 1flyhorse 2

This fly on a leaf was shot using a Zeiss Luminar.  The size of the animal was about 5mm.  The detail below shows the structure of an insect’s eye.  The honeycomb pattern varies from species to species, but this is a fine example of one of the more highly developed eyes in the insect kingdom.  Each segment of the eye can be thought of as a pixel, and the image the fly sees is dependent only on the number of facets it has available.  Simpler insects have far fewer.


One Response to “Compound eyes part one”

  1. bartonportraits said

    Jules – these pictures are AWESOME! How you get so close without them flying off is amazing – see you next week – J

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