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A couple of spiders..

Posted by wildwatertv on September 7, 2009

meta segment1

This spider is called Meta segmentata. They are very common this time of year, and if you look under leaves by an orb web you will often see them devouring something.  In this case it’s a fly.  Spiders digest prey by first wrapping them in silk and then injecting them with enzymes.  the resulting meal is more of a soup than a meat dish.


And this one is called Araneus Diadematus.  As with the meta they are very common in the autumn and can get to quite a size.  This one is female and still fairly small.  You can see that all spiders have eight eyes, though in some, such as the Lycosids (wolf spiders) two are far more pronounced than the rest.


2 Responses to “A couple of spiders..”

  1. Ingunn said

    I feel queezy now… xx

  2. Moranna said

    Yeeow! I hope its not as big as my imagination dictates! Rather fascinating though!!

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