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Tiger Moth Wing scales

Posted by wildwatertv on July 28, 2009

wingscalesbig1.jpegFocus Result 2 (B, 8, 4).jpeg
Focus Result 1 (B, 8, 4).jpegThe scales on a Tiger Moth wings, different lighting, different magnification.  Zeiss Luminar and Lomo 8x Apochromat


3 Responses to “Tiger Moth Wing scales”

  1. bartonportraits said

    Jules – these pictures are awesome!

    I’ll be a regular visitor to see what you’re up to.


  2. Dian Elvin said

    Wonderful details. In Woodstock Museum they have a collection of moths and butterflies in a low cabinet (you almost need to kneel! including the Tigermoth. This moth made a walk from Hanborough to Bladon bearable. It appeared on the Comfrey plants beside the busy road.

  3. chris g said

    Hi Jules

    Great pics. Fantastic detail. However, did not like the spider ones – afraid of them

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